Guiding you through hospice eligibility: compassionate support every step of the way.

Understanding eligibility and qualification for hospice care is crucial for timely and appropriate services. At Inland Valley Hospice, we guide patients and families through the process with clarity and compassion. Our team ensures that those seeking hospice care meet the necessary medical qualifications, with a focus on those with life-limiting illnesses where the goal is comfort rather than cure. We assess each individual’s situation with sensitivity and provide thorough information on the benefits and scope of hospice care. Our commitment is to make the journey towards qualification as smooth as possible, allowing families to focus on what matters most: time with their loved ones.

Our Eligibility and Qualification services include:

  • Assessment of medical condition
  • Explanation of hospice benefits
  • Guidance through the hospice election process
  • Coordination with primary physicians and specialists
  • And more

Embrace Compassionate Care

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